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One stop website solution for all of your needs. We offer a wide arrangment of internet services for project of any size. Whether your website needs a small face-lift or a major reconstructive surgery, we can help.

Is your web designer not doing a good job? Is your website outdated? Does it not keep up the the current technology? Do you have a new project that needs internet presence? Those are just some of the reasons to call us.


Here are some of the services we offer:

  • web development - coding, design, programing and more
  • programing - php, html, java scripts, etc.
  • graphic design - business cards, posters, broshures, ads
  • hosting - secure platforms supporting the latest technology
  • maintenance and support
  • E-mail marketing - money-making e-mail campaigns
  • multi-level marketing - start your own MLM business
  • e-commerce - fully functional shopping cards
  • merchant accounts - accept payments online
  • content managment systems - Joomla, Mambo, Wordpress and more
  • social networks - such as and others
  • bidding websites - such as E-bay
  • video sites - such as
To discuss these any other services that we offer contact us today.


We are a team of web-designers, developers, graphic designers and multi-media artists eager to tackle and effectively handle the challenges of modern internet technology.

Our experience in many different fields directly related to web design resulted in a number of different business solutions and applications that demonstrate our ability to solve any problems that are slowing down todays businesses.

Call us today so that we can introduce ourselves and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your project.

Why US?

Whether you're looking for a custom software solution for your business or a small personal website, we are here to help you. Depending on the type of the project that you have, we will assign one of our team members to work closely with you one on one. We are constantly approached by many different types of clients.

  • Are you in car-sales business? We will provide you with a solution to effectively sell you cars online.

  • Are you in Fashion Business and looking for a more creative and elegant website that doesn't require much of advanced technology? We can do elegant.

  • Are you in adult publishing business, dealing with hundreds of advertisers from all over the world? We have a perfect solution for your upcoming annual convention too.

  • Would you like to run your own community website, such as Myspace and Facebook ? Well here you go!

  • Are you a children's writer who simply needs a small but artsy online presentation to help collect money for charities with your new children book? Excellent, we LOVE children! We'll do it for FREE!

  • Musicians, trying to connect with their fans? Here is the social platform that may be just what you need!

  • Need more space? Hosting solutions right here!

  • And if you are one of our FAVORITE clients who is just unhappy with their current webmaster or who has an old, outdated or unfinished website, please call us for a free evaluation of your current website!

No matter your project is, no matter how big or how difficult it may seem to you, we are here to help. Contact us today.


Need space? Try our dedicated servers with customer support and the plan that suits your needs. Our hosting platform called Paradox handles all your needs.


Our developers can handle any kind of project. Call us today and explain your project. We will analize it and send you a free quote.


Join our network of developers and designers. If you have a service to offer, please contact us and let us know how we can work together.


Call us TODAY! We would like to hear about your upcoming and ongoing projects and discuss them. Remember - there are no obligations and our consultations are FREE.

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